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The Lamb Man - Delivery Information

Lamb Man, Jimmy Bell, preparing lamb for delivery at East Wingates Farm

When you order lamb online from The Lamb Man it will be delivered within seven days direct to your door using specially designed cartons, which contain vacuum-sealed very hygienic polythene packs. The cartons, together with our ice-gel packs, protect the fresh lamb meat during transit keeping temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius.

You will find our vacuum-sealed packs keep your Northumbrian hill lamb as fresh, or fresher, than lamb purchased from the supermarket, and take up far less room in your freezer than the usual plastic food trays.

Due to courier charges we only deliver Monday to Friday, so orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sundays will not be sent out until the Monday. We can arrange a special delivery if required, so if this is what you need then please give us a call. Equally we only deliver to the mainland UK, although we can take payments from abroad where lamb is to be delivered to the mainland UK.

For all lamb orders, unless otherwise specified if you purchase up to 9KG the postage price is £20.

Please don't forget that because we farm traditionally, our lamb is only available in season. The season runs from the end of August through to the end of March each year.

The maximum order for individual items is 5KG. We can supply orders over 5KG by special request.

The Lamb Man uses security seal straps to ensure that your lamb is not tampered with and arrives in perfect condition.

Lamb Man