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Northumbrian Hill Lamb Mince from TheLambMan.com, East Wingates Farm

Lamb Mince


Northumbrian Hill Lamb Mince can be used in most recipes which require mince. Whatever you're making, from burgers to curry, why not try our top quality lamb mince. There are numerous excellent recipes for lamb mince including Shepherd's Pie, Moussaka, Lamb Patties, Lamb Rissoles or Lamb Pitas. To view the full recipes, visit www.beefyandlamby.co.uk


With the exception of the prices for our lamb packs, all our prices are calculated by £ per kilo. Because cuts of lamb do not come in standard sizes, we are unable to give you an exact weight for the cut of the lamb we will be sending you, we can only give an approximation of this. We do endeavour to get as close to the requested weight as possible, but be assured that we will only charge you for the actual weight of lamb dispatched to you.

Price : ¬£8.50  per KG
*(plus postage which will be calculated at time of checkout.)

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